Lodging Calendar

Cancellation List: If you are interested in staying with us during a time of no vacancy, we are happy to add your name to our cancellation list. You’d be surprised how frequently space opens up! Don’t feel shy about asking to be added.

Check-In Time 3pm or later

Quest House 2.0: Quest House is moving into a large house in May of 2019. The exact location and size of the house has not been decided upon yet. We will be making a minimum of 4 bedrooms available for guests, but this number could increase to 5 bedrooms if we find a large enough space. You might have noticed that our calendar is already blacked out for a time block you are interested in staying with us for. Please check back with us in the coming months as we identify our new home and have more definitive numbers regarding available bedrooms.

Sidenote: Occasionally we can free up space for brief stays of 1-3 nights even if the calendar is blacked out during the dates you are looking for lodging – get in touch if this is your situation. Please keep in mind that this calendar may not reflect any last minute changes or cancellations. We also sometimes have people penciled in for dates while they are waiting for confirmation of their surgery dates. We always welcome inquiries about booking or any other questions that you might have. No harm in asking!

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