Words From Our Guests:

November 2018  //  Returning: 2019

I came to stay at Quest House for my second stage in my phalloplasty journey. I was a little bit anxious about being alone in another country and undergoing surgery without the support of family members, so I thought that Quest House would be the best fit for my needs since I would be staying with others. I am so happy that I made the decision to stay here! I really can’t recommend this space enough to those of you who are looking for accommodations in the San Francisco area. Surgery is never a fun experience, but I had such a positive time here full of support, understanding, and lots of laughs. I can say without a doubt that you will feel comfortable here, and you will make new friendships with people who truly understand the hardships of this process. Then there is Meiko… Meiko is one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure to meet! He is an amazing host and care-taker, and he is able to answer all of your questions about the phalloplasty process. He really is the “Yoda” of phalloplasty.


July 2018  //  Returning: July 2019

I chose to stay at Quest House for the support and knowledge of Meiko as well as the community aspect. Both exceeded my expectations. The space is clearly thought out for the needs of those recovering. It has a very comfortable “home” feeling. There are great trails to walk, as well as great views of the ocean. For me, the best part of staying at Quest House was the sense of community. Getting to stay with others who have gone through, or are going through exactly what you are, is a very healing energy. I also really appreciated the fact that Meiko creates a space where whatever experience you need to have you can have in a supportive and non-judgemental way. I am very grateful to have been able to stay there.


August 2017  //  May 2018

I have stayed at Quest House two separate times now for my recoveries. Both times, the care I received was excellent. From the medical supplies, to the caretaking, there truly was no better place to recover. Having people there who can relate and have been through what you are going through, is invaluable. The apartment setting is gorgeous. The bedroom views are amazing, and there is plenty within both walking and driving distance. So if you have someone with you, they won’t be bored. There are hiking trails nearby. The Golden Gate is close as is the city. Quest House had any extra medical supplies available that I needed, and Meiko was kind enough to drive me anywhere I needed to go. He also helped me with bandage and wound changes and meal prep. Having someone there to tell you how things are progressing when you aren’t quite sure, means a lot. Because of the length of time you end up staying out there, recovering it almost becomes like a second home, and a second family. I wouldn’t have made it through my recovery without the excellent caretakers and brothers I had at Quest House. I will be back for any and all future surgeries.


September 2017  //  April 2018  //  Returning: December 2019

I had the pleasure of staying at Quest House in Sept. To be honest I wasn’t sure how it would be sharing space with people I hadn’t met yet while I was recovering from surgery but this would be my first trip going it alone and decided to book a room. I was a little late and could only book the first week there.

It turned out to be one of my most memorable experiences. I ended up really bonding with the couple that rented the room next to mine. I ended up having complications during surgery and when I got to the ER one of my housemates was there for me. We all gave each other the space we needed but also had times where we had amazing conversations and bonding time. When my week was up I really hated to leave my new family. This was the most peace I’ve experienced in a very stressful 1st year of surgery. I will stay here for all future surgeries and would recommend Quest House to anyone who’s in town for surgery.


September 2017

“Quest House was an amazing place to stay during my recovery. It was clean, accessible, easy to get to, and had everything I needed. It was easy to book the dates I needed and everything was ready when I got there. The house is also very affordable compared to other accommodations in the area. Over the course of my surgeries it has saved me hundreds of dollars. There’s a shopping center just down the street, including a pharmacy, if I needed supplies. The location is close to both SF and Greenbrae, which made getting to CPMC and post-op appointments pretty easy. The neighboring cities are also close, and have good food and nice places to get outside and walk. My partner (and care-giver) appreciated the hiking trails behind the building, as well as the pool and hot tub in the complex. It helped a lot with his self-care during the whole process, which was important to both of us. It was also really nice to be around other trans folks who were going through, or had gone through, bottom surgery as well. Highly recommend it, I would definitely stay there again!”

~ A.

September – October 2017  //  June 2018  //  Returning: January 2019

My wife and I felt right at home at Quest House. We were there for several weeks in the fall of 2017. It is such a relief knowing that we have not just a place to stay but a peaceful place to be among friends. We were honestly saddened to leave our little “family”, and are looking forward to returning for stage 2 in June!

~ A.K.

December 2017

Staying at Quest House was amazingly peaceful and restorative. I could not have asked for a better location, room, or people to stay with. I was able to reduce the number of things I needed to get before surgery because they had so many medical supplies on hand. Everyone is incredibly knowledgeable about the array of procedures and fielded questions and gave advice that really helped me through my healing processes. Looking back I would not have chosen to stay anywhere else after having surgery and I feel so lucky and grateful that there was space at Quest House for me to stay. 10/10 experience with the folks at Quest House. I highly recommend it.

~ E.

Guest Photo E
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February 2018

Hello! My name is Don. I was blessed to be referred to the Quest House for lodging upon discharge on February 17th, 2018, from the hospital after my surgery on the 12th. The location is beyond what was stated! The view, the quiet, the impeccable taste in furnishing is WONDERFUL! Then comes the compassionate, knowledgeable, care from Meiko, the care provider. I am not one to be very trusting of new acquaintances, but I immediately trusted this amazing young man. He knew what to do to make me feel comfortable, and very well cared for. The room was immaculate and comfortable. A million times better than a hotel or motel room, with much better room service! And I’m serious. The surgery, and Hospital stay, can take a lot out of a person even when everything goes well as in my case, but it was very important for me to be in a place that is comfortable, clean, and well-placed (as in with a view of the Bay from a beautiful balcony!). I highly recommend using this resource after surgery, because it is a wonderful boost and assist in the emotional and physical healing process. Just having someone to share my joy at finally being whole, was far more than I expected, or even knew that I needed. Thank you Quest House, and thank you Meiko.

~ Don

January – February 2018
When I began preparing myself for surgery, I envisioned the first month of recovery to be one of the most difficult experiences in my life. It is true, surgery is very challenging. However, what I learned is that being in a comfortable, beautiful and supportive space can transform the experience from one of mere pain to a beautiful, but very challenging personal journey.
My experience staying at Quest House is one of the primary reasons for this transformation. Everything in the house was prepared for my comfort. My partner & I arrived a few days before the surgery. We got to enjoy the beautiful nature around the area, relax in the hot tub, visit the beach and charge up for the long journey ahead — Something I’d recommend to everyone who is able.
Lodging: Our master bedroom proved a true sanctuary. I was surrounded with all the supplies I needed. In sleepless nights, I’d wake up at 5 am to watch the sunrise over the bay right from my bed — an amazing view that can only be described by watching it firsthand. I saved what is probably close to $500 in total with supplies and comfort items. When I needed something, I was happy to buy it because it was going to be used later on by others in the community. My partner used the hot tub and the gym daily to destress and recharge. I watched her replenish her energy daily in the sun out on the balcony.  She valued the views , and the comfort of the living room as she works hard to meet the heavy demands of being a caretaker. The kitchen provided all the amenenties we needed to have healthy & balanced meals. In the evening, I’d retreat to the living room to enjoy other people’s company, watch TV and relax on the recliner.
Location: The location of Quest House is truly incredible. It is less than 30 minutes away from the hospital and located in one of the most charming towns in the bay. As soon as I got on my feet, I’d enjoy the memorable walks in the sun admiring the Golden Gate bridge, the green trees, and the fresh air. On days when I couldn’t go out, I would still get much of that right from my bedroom’s window. One cannot understand the soul’s need for nature and fresh air while recovering. My daily walks prolonged my patience, gave me a feeling of freedom despite my tired body, and brought me closer to normalcy day-after-day.
Support: I left the most important part of my experience to the end. You see, I might have been able to find a place like Quest House on Airbnb (although it would have cost much more.) What’s unique about Quest House is the foundation and mission of the space itself. The experience was fundamentally affirmative of my surgical experience. Meeting other people who have already gone through this journey is incredibly empowering. Meiko’s presence and encouragement on a daily basis made us feel like we have a loving family member rooting for us. Sharing his own experience helped make the path feel less scary and more manageable.
 My partner & I decided to utilize Meiko’s services packages. She was working day & night to take care of my every little need. She is, however, a human being of her own needs, and a graduate student. We decided that we’d not get a car, and instead, we utilized hourly packages that allowed my partner to rest or focus on her work for a bit every day. Meiko provided support & transportation to all my appointments. I couldn’t describe how much of a difference this decision made to my partner and I. She got some of her sanity back, I felt like a better partner, and Meiko’s constant support made recovery a lot more manageable for me. He listened carefully to all my doctor’s notes, and at times, when I am tired and worn, was there to remind me of what I missed. He would provide his care assistance for an hour or two throughout the day, and when I am feeling well, he’d use the time to get me outside to walk. I credit our daily walk for much of the positive energy that helped me recover.
After 30 days, I left the house feeling as if I left home. The financial burden of lodging far away from home felt like a privilege. Knowing that my money contributed to supporting a space & services that will hopefully support others in the community through their journey — That in itself is a gift. I hope that every member of the community feels as loved, supported and comfortable as I did throughout my journey.
~ S.

March – May 2018
Quest house is a magical place. I’ve stayed there on and off for about three months (my stay was extended due to complications), so I’ve shared the space with quite a few guys at various stages of their phallo journeys. Each person that passes through its doors feels how special it is. The space is like a little family where everyone gets really close, really fast, because you’re experiencing one of the most meaningful and intense times of your lives together, and probably’ve seen each other in your underwear (aka, “the house of no shame”). I still keep in touch with many of the guys who have passed through there. We check in one each other and share penis jokes that no one else would get. Going through phalloplasty is one of the most exciting, scary, and beautiful things I’ve ever done, and having a space and people that understand it, allowed me to process such a drastic transformation. And all of this is made possible by the caretaker of the space, Meiko. Meiko is like the Yoda of phalloplasty. He knows eeeeeeeverything. He’s one of the most present, aware and knowledgeable guys I known, and absolutely the person you want with you as you heal, both physically and emotionally. Quest house was an eye-opening experience that I’ll always feel connected to. I wish I never had to leave.
~ M.

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