Sliding Scale


We recently became a project of Empowerment WORKS and are now able able to bring in tax-deductible donations and qualify for grants! We hope to build our sustaining donor base and apply for/receive grants, all in an effort to decrease lodging costs further. We do not currently have any scholarships available, but hope to begin offering them in the 2nd half of 2019.

We offer lodging on a self-selected sliding scale: $75 – $125 per night. This means that you choose what you are able to pay, there is no application process and we do not ask about your income. We trust that each individual will pay what they feel is appropriate. Quest House pays a 5% fee on all income to our fiscal sponsor, Empowerment WORKS. Therefore, this 5% fee is added onto all Quest House related payments, both lodging & caretaking. This is still far lower than California’s 12% occupancy tax that you would pay elsewhere.

A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to secure your reservation. This can be sent via PayPal, FlipCause (non-profit payment platform), or by check – whichever is most convenient for you. This $250 goes towards your lodging costs. 4 weeks prior to your stay we ask that 50% of your booking with us be paid and the remaining 50% by 2 weeks prior. This $250 non-refundable deposit allows for 1 emergency booking change. After that you would need to put down another deposit or consider lodging elsewhere. Because we are a small scale project we need to be sure that the people we book are truly dedicated to the space and committed to the specific dates that they secure. If not, we end up turning folks away that could have benefited by staying with us.

Do not send a deposit until we have confirmed that we can accommodate you.

*** If paying your deposit or lodging invoice via FlipCause or PayPal, an additional 3.5% processing fee is required – as this will be taken out automatically from your payment before it reaches us. So a 3.5% platform fee + 5% fiscal sponsorship equals a total of 8.5% added to any non-check payment.

Payment/Lodging Balance Expectation:

  • 50% of lodging balance is due 4 weeks prior to check-in
  • 50% of remainder is due 2 weeks prior to check-in
  • Any care-taking services can be combined with either of the above payments or paid on your date of arrival (unless otherwise specified).



We understand that sometimes there are circumstances out of your control that have an effect on your lodging plans. We are continually revamping our policies. We do this based on experiences we’ve had with guests, helpful feedback from folks who have stayed here, as well as the greater community, and of course the impact these policies have on the sustainability of Quest House (our future guests).

Our ability to pay our monthly rent, utilities, household and misc expenses incurred through running and maintaining this space is quite tremendous, especially in the Bay Area. We currently rent out 2 bedrooms – so even just 1 person to cancelling puts a large strain on the house. For this reason, it’s important that you only book with us if this is truly where you see yourself recovering. If you anticipate your plans changing, are having second thoughts, struggling with insurance issues, etc please get in touch. We may be able to help. If your plans change and you need to change your dates, we may be able to accommodate you, depending on our calendar.

Our policy is as follows:

  1. Cancelling at anytime after paying non-refundable deposit: forfeit $250 deposit
  2. Cancelling between 21 – 27 days before check-in: forfeit 20% of lodging total
  3. Cancelling between 14 – 20 days before check-in: forfeit 30% of lodging total
  4. Cancelling between 7 – 13 days before check-in: forfeit 40% of lodging total
  5. Cancelling between 0 – 6 days before check-in: forfeit 50% of lodging total
  6. Leaving early after check-in: no credits issued, exceptions are at our discretion and based on the ability to obtain last min bookings to fill your space



We also provide add-on services such as transportation, basic meal prep, and assistance with daily tasks; such as those that someone traveling with a family member would be able to help them with. We also offer CARETAKING and transportation services through Homobiles for those that have needs beyond basic lodging.


*** Quest House Community Healing reserves the right to change its policy at anytime with or without notice (subject to applicable law) as long as such policy is not a contract of any kind. ***



Pacifica to Brownstein & Crane office:

ROUNDTRIP – $75 – $95 sliding scale (includes bridge tolls)

Uber/Lyft Estimates dependant on traffic: $55 one-way during minimal traffic

Pacifica to Buncke Clinic/Chen’s office:

ROUNDTRIP – $35 – $65 sliding scale

Uber/Lyft Estimates dependant on traffic: $25 one-way during minimal traffic